San Telmo Business School Closes the XXXIV Class of the Executive MBA

José Bogas Gálvez, CEO of Endesa has given of the Master Class

Throughout today, it has been held the closing ceremony of the XXXIV Class of the Master Program in Business Management, E-MBA, of San Telmo Business School. The participants, averaged 35 years old, have been able to get their Certificates at the headquarters of this business school in Seville, after months of hard and intense work.


The Master Class has been given by José Bogas Gálvez, CEO of Endesa. Also, participants in the event were: Eustasio Cobreros Vime, President of the San Telmo Foundation; Juan Pérez Gálvez, General Director of San Telmo Business School; Antonio García de Castro, Executive President of San Telmo; Macarena Selva Morán, Master Director for this class, and Olga Serrano Barroso, President of the class.


Education and talent as distinguishing elements

In his speech, he focused on the need of the adaptation of managers and organizations to paradigm shifts model in our society, in a disruptive moment of great and exciting challenges such as climate change and digital revolution. Bogas emphasized the importance of education and talent as distinguishing elements and keys to achieve professional and business success, which were closely related to opportunity analysis and finding “the right site at the right time.”

To conclude his speech, the CEO congratulated the professionals who bet on this training program, one of the most prestigious Masters in Spain. He said that it would undoubtedly influence their professional success and he reminded them the need for a positive, determined and tireless attitude to achieve their goals and, above all, working always as a team.