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Maroc Fruit Board: Key player in te Moroccan fruit sector

Enrique Garrido Martínez| Rocío Reina Paniagua
MFB was committed providing logistics services and solutions to the majority of fruit and vegetable producers in Morocco, allowing them to transport their products globally. It had earned a respectable position in the industry and in the logistics field in general, due to its improved services and competitive prices. Despite the successes of recent years and MFB's strong position in the F&V market, management is now focusing on the future. Were the current initiatives sufficient? Should MFB reinvent its business model to meet the challenges of the future? Should MFB continue to focus solely on exporting fruits and vegetables, or should it expand into other commodities? What about exporting the MFB model to other countries? Should MFB resume its sales activities? These were the main questions the team asked themselves to form the group's new strategy.


Strategy Logistic Business Policy Agri-food Corporate Governance Business Model Talent Supply chain management Globalization


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