Dr. Fernando Faces García

Professor of the Socio-Economic Environment for Management Area

Doctor en Ciencias Económicas (Universidad de Bilbao), Diplomado en Alta Dirección (San Telmo Business School)

Doctor in Economic Sciences (Universidad de Bilbao - University of Bilbao), Diploma in Senior Management (San Telmo Business School)
Dr. Fernando Faces has extensive experience as a manager, teacher, researcher and lecturer. Throughout his professional career, he has held several senior management positions, both in the company and in the financial sector. After a first stage as a manager in several companies in the Basque Country, his career moved to the financial sector, where he was General Managing Director of the Seville and Huelva Building Society (El Monte). With extensive experience in the financial sector, he has been President of the Committee of International Financial Markets (CECA), of Tynsa International, of Sadai SA, of Art and Management, and of the Hostelry School of Seville. Expert in Macroeconomics, Banking and Financial Markets has worked as a professor and research professor at the Universities of Bilbao and Seville and has collaborated in the Master's Degree in Finance at the Universidad de Deusto (University of Deusto)-CECA.

He is a lecturer and regular speaker at business and financial congresses and a columnist and economic analyst in various media such as Expansión, Ejecutivos Magazine, ABC, Code 84 (AECOC), Grupo Joly, Correo de Andalucía, Canal Dis, etc. He was Chairman of the Editorial Committee of the regional television program "Let's Talk about Economy" and collaborator of Radio Gestiona in programs such as "Tips of the Wise".

He is currently a professor at San Telmo Business School, Vice President of Suraval, Honorary President of the Committee of International Financial Markets (CECA) and Director

Areas of interest

  • Macroeconomics
  • Banking
  • Financial markets