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Un centro de excelencia para la Alta Dirección

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Message from the General Manager

antonio garcia de castro director general san telmo

The last years of the Twentieth Century have been characterized by the deep and unpredictable changes in the global environment. We all know that the basic instrument to create wealth and social well-being in the western world is the business enterprise, either private or public. Therefore, I dare say that the social responsibility of the top management of these organizations has acquired a transcendental value for the future of humanity.

In the next years we will live in a complex world. To ensure that the organization we work for remains useful to society, we must have the necessary knowledge and skills that, as responsible managers, are an obligation to acquire.

Instituto Internacional San Telmo has as fundamental objective the development of management skills of its students. Since 1982, more than six thousand business owners and top managers of companies and public institutions have done an Executive Education programme in San Telmo. To perform this service we have a faculty that has been educated in the uppermost universities and business schools of the world. Furthermore, their contact with the international business reality is close and deep through research, consultancy and teaching. Our education is not theory-oriented, but rather geared to the real needs of working professionals and executives.

For these reasons, if you have decided to advance in your professional development in a Management Business
School, Instituto Internacional San Telmo is a magnificent choice. Our faculty will certainly meet your needs.


Antonio García de Castro, General Manager

Instituto Internacional San Telmo
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