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What is the Foundation?


Fundación San Telmo is a non-profit independent institution. Its object is the economic and business development of the South of Spain and of some international sectors and groups. It was established by public deed on July 28th, 1982.  It was listed in the Cultural Foundations Register Office of the Regional Government of Andalusia with No. 34, on June 27th, 1983. It is recognised of public interest by Order of the Education and Science Ministry of the Government of Andalusia since June 27th, 1999.

On its Statutes, Article 6, its aims and objectives are literally quoted: “the promotion of activities, creation of centres, education, specialisation, Executive Education and professional advancement of companies and public institutions of Andalusia, preferably on the agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial sectors and with a special orientation to countries in Latin America, the European Union, Northern Africa and the Andalusian Region, thereby contributing to the development of Andalusia”.

Its creation was due to the impulse, the enthusiasm and generous collaboration of a group of businessmen and institutions that today integrate the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, under the direction of its first Chairwoman, Mrs. Gerarda de Orléans y Borbón.

His Majesty Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, accepted the Honorary Chairmanship of the Foundation in response to its ends. In 1991 he chaired the I General Alumni Assembly and inaugurated the new facilities of the Foundation. In 2006, the Foundation again had the presence of Their Majesties, The King and Queen of Spain, in the opening act of the IV General Alumni Assembly of the Alumni Association.

In September 1982, the Foundation created an International Education and Executive Education Centre for the Top Management of companies and public and private institutions, the Instituto Internacional San Telmo, which has had the academic support of many International Institutions, especially from IESE Business School.

In January 1999, and with the special support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Fundación San Telmo launched CREARA, an Innovation and Business Creation Centre. CREARA is an institution with the mission of boosting innovative companies with high growth potential. The business projects in CREARA, whether ideas, business plans or operating companies, are endowed with strategic approaches and the necessary critical resources to make them leaders within their respective sectors.

Fundación San Telmo has two permanent campuses, result of the collaboration with Public Entities. The campus on Seville was conceded by Seville’s County Council in May 1990. The Malaga campus is the result of the agreement signed in May 2002 with the City Council of Malaga. Both campuses have emblematical buildings, large green areas and private parking zones. Numerous private companies have collaborated in making the ceded facilities suitable for educational purposes; they wanted to express in this way their support to the initiatives that the Foundation has developed.


Message from the Chairman

Fundación San Telmo has been, is and will be a key institution for the socioeconomic development of the South of Spain. During 28 years, Instituto Internacional San Telmo has delivered Executive Education to more than 6.000 top executives, business owners and politicians in Spain. Furthermore, CREARA is contributing to the advancement of innovative companies with high growth potential.

Nowadays, nobody doubts that the future of this geographical area is intimately related with the managerial skills of its business and political leaders. It is the obligation of the people who work on the vertex of Public and Private Institutions to make the right decisions on important matters and to design and execute efficient action plans.   

To reach this objective, it is necessary to dedicate time to their professional and personal improvement in a practical and action-oriented environment. San Telmo provides the breeding ground, full of initiatives, businesses, excellence at work and respect towards people. This has been accomplished in almost thirty years; however, the road has not been an easy task. It has only been possible because many business owners, executives and politicians have generously collaborated, in particular, the Board of Trustees, the Advisory Boards and the Alumni that belong to the Alumni Association. Our acknowledgments to these groups are enormous. These groups are the ones that constitute San Telmo.

Eustacio Cobreros Vime, Chairman


Board of Trustees


Honorary Chairman: His Majesty Juan Carlos I, King of Spain

Chairman: Mr. Eustasio Cobreros Vime

First Deputy Chairman: Mr. Jaime de Parias Merry

Second Deputy Chairman: Mr. Nicolás Álvarez Domínguez

Trustees:    Mr. Carlos Beca Iglesias

                    Mr. José Bohórquez Mora-Figueroa

                    Mr. Ángel Camacho Perea

                    Mr. Juan Cano Ruano

                    Mr. Rafael Domínguez de Gor

                    Mrs. Rocío Medina Muñoz

                    Mr. Ramón Mora-Figueroa Domecq

                    Mr. Enrique Moreno de la Cova

                    Mr. Juan Luis Ocaña Cruz

                    Mr. Juan Antonio Palacios Raufast

                    Mr. Manuel Robles Ortega

                    Mr. Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos

                    Mr. José Ruíz de Castroviejo

                    Mr. Eugenio Viassa Monteiro

                    Mr. Miguel Rus Palacios

                    Mr. José López Vargas

Secretary of the Board: Mr. Francisco Ballester Almadana

General Manager: Mr. Antonio García de Castro


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