Granada 07 of February of 2019 Hour: 18:15h

The word "diversity" has become the new corporate buzz word. It seems to promise solutions to problems as diverse as increasing a team's performance, augmenting creativity, encouraging the participation of minority groups, and responding to an increasingly diverse and globalized society.

The main argument pro diversity is the contribution of different knowledge, perspectives and viewpoints. However, simply having diversity is not enough; it is necessary to create a culture of inclusion and equality.

Working in attitudes in favor of diversity, and implementing measures of inclusion and equality, accompanied by a favorable management style, has been fundamental when leading successful organizations.

In this event, we will have General Managers who share their experiences when creating a business culture favorable to diversity, inclusion and equality and a debate with HR directors regarding the corresponding policies.

Miembros del Consejo Asesor de la Cátedra Mujer, Empresa y Sociedad


Brita Hektoen Wergeland


Dª Ángeles Orantes-Zurita, Directora General, LA CUEVA 1900.
D. Adolfo Orti, Director General, MERCAGRANADA.
D. Ignacio Elola, Consejero Delegado, LACTALIS PULEVA.
Dª Remedios Miralles, Directora Corporativa de RRHH del GRUPO PEÑARROYA.
Dª Sonia Rodríguez Muriel, Directora de RRHH de LACTALIS PULEVA.
D. Valeriano González, Director General de Recursos Humanos y Corporativo de COVIRAN.


Cámara de Comercio de Granada
Calle Luis Amador, 26