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    TEDE Research Center
    Business Transformation and Digital Strategy

TEDE Center

This initiative began in 2017 and it was the result of the unstoppable digital and technological framework. Businesspeople and managers benefit from the development training in business administration taught by San Telmo and all the businesspeople and managers’ community who wants to take part in it. 

The mission of this Research Center is to help businesspeople to understand the process of digital transformation better and, therefore, include it in their strategies through the writing of business case studies and teaching and research notes. It is also important to carry out development training sessions focused on the in-depth understanding of these issues.

TEDE Center Mission

Becoming a benchmark institution in SMEs digital transformation in southern Europe and guarantee their future and continuous existence.

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Which are the objectives of the TEDE Center?



There is always a past before any technological or digital fact and that is why we must envision the future. Research and development in the field of digitalization contribute to mid and long-term prevention.



Digital transformation must be part of the strategy of companies. The technological and digital environment encourages us to research and generate knowledge.



Digital transformation is a way to generate growth in a company by making it more versatile and flexible.



Business Transformation and Digital Strategy is not a general issue. You need to adapt it to every company after having performed an analysis of its objectives, customers and the most appropriate tools to get an increased competitiveness.


Open Day PPD Málaga. GHD. Guerra entre canales: fuerza comercial vs digitalización

Place: Málaga

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La digitalización del sector alimentario en la era post-COVID: necesidades y tendencias


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