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    Mayoral Chair of Continuous Improvement

Mayoral Chair of Continuous Improvement

The Mayoral Chair of Continuous Improvement was founded in 2013 with the objective of making companies aware of the need of creating a progress culture. This Chair was created by the involvement of Mayoral, a company from Malaga which has become a worldwide benchmark company of children fashion clothing. Mayoral believes it success is due to improvement and continuous change and, therefore, it has become the promoter and the driving force of this initiative.

A large amount of teaching materials has been developed under the Mayoral Chair of Continuous Improvement and it may be used to do specific courses about the issue. You may find four different modules which has been designed to be taught separately or all together comprising a Continuous Improvement course in a long-term program. The intention is to guide those professors or professionals who may teach this subject in their schools or companies.


The improvement of a company over time through a continuous change looking for competitiveness and excellence.

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