Transforming society and the company through values: Better companies, better society


On October 9, the Bishop of Malaga, Jesús Catalá, gave a conference at the Instituto Internacional San Telmo. His address dealt with the presence of values in the entrepreneurial sphere and was entitled: “Transforming society and the company through values: Better companies, better society.”

Following his presentation on the part of the Professor for Business Situations Analysis Eduardo Olaya, the Bishop of Malaga elaborated further on the importance of seeking out shared values for all humanity, that have as their cornerstone human beings, “the center of creation”. “Mankind must be the center of a company that wishes to be successful” He said, further adding that “if the latter fails to take care of its social aspects, this will prevent human beings from undergoing complete development.” The Bishop also stressed the importance that the Church’s mission holds in fostering comprehensive and caring humanism.  

The conference was framed within the Anthropology Room that the Instituto San Telmo makes available for its former alumni. José María Camacho, Deputy Head of the Department for Former Alumni, explained that “at the Instituto Internacional San Telmo we are well aware that the entrepreneurial world and the economy do not function in a vacuum, that the current challenges take place in the field of ideas and that it is necessary to rethink the economy and companies from a more humanist outlook, much wider than the pure economic rationality.”

In attendance at the event was the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre; the President of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Malaga and Andalusia, Javier González de Lara; the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Eugenio Luque; the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Juan José Hinojosa; the Vice-President of the Unicaja Financial Institution, Manuel Atencia; the former Mayor of Malaga and lawyer, Luis Merino Bayona; the President of the Consumers’ Union, Jesús Burgos; the Vice-President of the AJE, Ana Morales; representatives from BBVA and Banco Santander and members of the Fundación Victoria trust, including its President, José Antonio Sánchez, and its Vice-President, Carmen Velasco. Following the conference, an interesting round-table discussion was held with the attendees.

Aula de Antropología