How to establish a balanced relationship between ownership and the company. Dividends and liquidity.

Madrid 28 of May of 2019 Hour: 16:00h

The aim of this professional workshop pursues mainly how a balanced relationship between the owners and company can be accomplished. The initial reflection and debate will focus on identifying the interests of the owners, in order to, subsequently, view whether they are pulling in the same direction. When this is not the case, as we shall see in the scenario before us, efforts must be made to try to reach a consensus and consider how this will affect the company’s future. Issues such as:  what is the owner’s role in the approval process for an entrepreneurial project; liquidity policies that must be in place for the owners; how to establish the rules of governance within a company; how to regulate the transfer of ownership and facilities for partial or full flotations; and in short, which aspects must be considered when entering into an agreement between shareholders.


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